Intact Specialty Hits the Green for a Good Cause

The Intact Charitable Trust is excited to be a sponsor at the Barney and Barney Foundation’s annual Golf Classic tournaments! The events are a way to bring the insurance community together to celebrate and give back to local nonprofits and charities. The two tournaments organized in the Bay Area and Orange County, California feature a fun day on the course, delicious food and drinks, stylish apparel, contests, and more.

B&B Foundation is the charitable arm of Marsh & McLennan Agency, one of Intact’s largest producers in the California region.

Intact employees from Technology, Ocean Marine and Inland Marine groups are participating in the events, which provide some friendly competition as well as opportunities to connect with colleagues and make new contacts.

Check out these photos of the Bay Area Golf Classic that was held on September 13!

We can’t wait to get back on the course in the next Orange County Golf Classic on October 21.

Intact’s Vanessa Cool (Inland Marine), Ben Potter and Marie Meadows (Ocean Marine) at the Intact table. Additionally, Larry Rasmussen (Inland Marine), Mark Sandbergen (Technology), Martin Ogden (BDM) and Aaron Belair (Technology) attended the tournament!

Intact’s Ben Ward Presents at AMIS Welcome Event for International Students and Scholars

The Intact Charitable Trust was pleased to support Atlanta Ministry with International Students’ (AMIS) 43rd welcome reception. AMIS promotes cultural and global understanding through friendship and hospitality with international students and scholars in the greater Atlanta area.

Since 1978, AMIS has been welcoming international students and scholars to the Atlanta area through programs and events which help them get to know Atlanta and connect them to local families and individuals who want to serve and make international friends. The annual event welcomes new and returning students from out of the country who will attend nearby colleges and universities this academic year.

Ben Ward, Underwriting Manager at Intact Specialty Property had the opportunity to present at the event, where he spoke about Intact Insurance. During his speech, Ben also shared the 2020 Social Impact video to highlight the continued support to those nonprofits that matter most to members of our communities.  Ben and his wife are AMIS volunteers who assist with program development and event planning.

The event was attended by over 400 students, community leaders and members of the Atlanta business community. During the pandemic, students faced many challenges such as travel restrictions, isolation and remote learning. AMIS offers them support and opportunities to make connections in the community. For more info about their programs, visit the AMIS website.

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month

This year marks the 18th year of observing cybersecurity awareness month – and initiative co-led by the United States Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and the National Cybersecurity Alliance (NCSA). The goal is to build awareness about the importance of staying safe and secure online. The effort has spanned all industries, schools, governments, nonprofits, and individuals from around the world.

Do Your Part. #BeCyberSmart.

Announced in 2020, the evergreen theme “Do Your Part. #BeCyberSmart” encourages individuals and organizations to own their role in protecting their part of cyberspace, stressing personal accountability and the importance of taking proactive steps to enhance cybersecurity. Weekly themes for this year’s awareness program are:

  • Week 1: Be Cyber Smart
  • Week 2: Fight the Phish
  • Week 3: Explore. Experience. Share.
  • Week 4: Cybersecurity First

Data Breach due to Lax Cybersecurity 

It is crucial to understand why cybersecurity is paramount for any individual or organization. In August this year, a 21-year-old hacker broke into T-Mobile servers and stole personal records of more than 53 million customers. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal he said, “Their security is awful.”

T-Mobile is the second-largest mobile carrier in the United States, and this is the third major customer data leak they’ve disclosed in the past two years.

According to IBM, the average cost of a 2020 data breach was $3.86 million and took an average of 280 days to identify and contain. Investing time and effort to consistently practice good cyber hygiene is critical to protecting your privacy and finances. Educating your family and household members is important because cybersecurity has become an integral part of everyone’s daily life.

How to stay vigilant

For more cyber safety tips, visit our Tech Blog.

Safety Tips for working with Hydraulic Hose Lines

Hydraulic hoses are widely used in various industries and are an essential part of any hydraulic system. The high pressure and temperature associated with hydraulics make hose selection, fitting, maintenance, and replacement critical. A rupture can result in leaks and an ensuing fire that can cause major damage to equipment. So, how do you prevent situations like this from occurring? Intact Inland Marine offers some simple solutions.

  • Maintenance Plan: Create a daily maintenance plan. Inspect hydraulic hose lines and couplings prior to each use for wear, fatigue, and leakage. Conduct formal inspections based on the recommended maintenance and inspection schedule given by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). If the OEM inspection frequency cannot be located, inspect the lines every 400-600 hours of operation or at three-month intervals, whichever comes first. The Safe Hydraulics Guide by Gates is a useful resource to learn about proper hydraulic hose inspection procedures.
  • Replacement: Replace hydraulic hose lines after every five years. Investigation into claims paid by Intact Insurance Specialty Solutions reveal that most equipment fires were the result of ruptured hydraulic hose lines that were more than five years old. Hence, by simply replacing lines, one can prevent equipment damage, claims, and subsequent downtime.
  • Fire Safety: Always have an adequately charged portable fire extinguisher accessible on, or in close proximity to the equipment in case of a hydraulic hose rupture. A minimum 10 lb., ABC fire extinguisher rated 4-A:60B:C should be provided.

Check out another great resource on the importance of hydraulic hose preventative maintenance by MAC Hydraulics. If you work with hydraulics in any capacity, then safety should always be top priority.

Visit our website for more information on Intact Inland Marine.


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