We are pleased to continue our intern spotlight series! This week we introduce underwriting interns Kevin Schultz, Abigail Hawksworth and Skyler Meulemans.

Kevin Schultz

Kevin is an underwriting intern with our Highlands Insurance team. He’s from Elmhurst, Illinois and is currently attending Illinois State University. He decided to join Intact because he wanted “to get quality underwriting experience in the realm of property insurance.” He loves to travel and if he had a chance to go anywhere in the world, he would go hiking in the Swiss Alps. A unique fact about Kevin is that he has a vast knowledge of world geography. He is familiar with most areas and when he meets people from the U.S and abroad, on almost all occasions, he has heard of the city/town they’re from!

The last TV show he watched was Better Call Saul. If he was ever deserted in an island with food and water and two items of his choice, he would bring his favorite guitar and a bike.

Abigail “Abby” Hawksworth

Abigail is also as an underwriting intern in the Highland Insurance team. She is from Mokena, Illinois – a suburb located 30 miles southwest of Chicago, and is studying at Indiana University.

Abby’s father inspired her to join Intact’s internship program. He is a reinsurance broker and Highland is one of his clients. “I thought insurance would be fun industry to do an internship in and given that my father works with Highland, there are some familiar faces in this office! she says.

Abby loves to travel and has visited 34 states in the U.S.! If she had a chance to travel anywhere, she would choose somewhere abroad – like Greece or Italy. “I don’t watch much TV, but I do love to read. I recently read a trilogy called Delirium, by Lauren Oliver. This sparked my love for reading again. I have been on a reading streak ever since,” she says.

“Being stranded on an island is a nightmare of mine, but if I had to bring something with me besides water and food, I would choose my 2 dogs. My Silver Lab and Australian Shepherd are my best buds. They would keep me company while deserted,” she adds.

Skyler Meulemans 

Skyler joins Kevin and Abby as an underwriting intern with Highlands Insurance in our Naperville, IL office. She is from De Pere, Wisconsin and is attending University of Wisconsin-Madison.

She joined Intact’s internship program as it gave her an opportunity to move to another city. She also felt that the company culture and the environment are very inviting. The last TV show she watched was the Night Agent on Netflix.  

Best of luck Kevin, Abigail and Skyler! We look forward to working with you and being a part of your career development.

L-R: Kevin Schultz, Abigail Hawksworth and Skyler Meulemans


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