We are incredibly excited to announce the continuation of our annual internship program! This summer, we’re welcoming 23 college students who will be working in our Actuarial, Audit, Finance, IT and Specialty Business departments alongside our teams of experts.

To get to know them better, we’re kicking off this year’s intern spotlight series! Over the next couple weeks, we will be introducing each our interns to learn more about their background and interests.

This week we are pleased to introduce Conor Anderson, Jeremiah Carter and Lauren Rosenthal.

Conor Anderson

Conor is an underwriting intern in our Surety team. He is from New York, NY and is currently attending Clemson University. With this internship, Conor is hoping to gain a diverse understanding of the Finance and Surety industries. He has prior working experience in Surety and now wants to decide what parts of the field he would like to pursue and specialize in. He says “I joined Intact because it has a strong Surety program, and I want to explore deeper into this industry. I also have family ties to Intact who speak very highly of it.” Conor likes to travel and wishes to visit Venice, Italy. He recently finished reading Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk.

Jeremiah Carter

Jeremiah is a co-op intern and is currently studying Software Engineering at Virginia Western Community College. He was born and raised in Roanoke, VA. With this internship, he aims to build on his classroom experience with firsthand experience in a professional environment where he can actively work and learn. He chose to join Intact because it is in the industry that he would like to pursue a career in, and this internship felt like an exemplary opportunity to dive headfirst into the field he would potentially join someday.

Jeremiah wishes he could explore and experience international cultures. He would love to travel anywhere outside of the U.S. – starting with Europe as it has a range of different countries and historical landmarks. He is currently reading Three Hearts and Three Lions by Poul Anderson.

Lauren Rosenthal

As a law clerk intern for Intact, Lauren is looking forward to getting exposure into claims litigation. She is drawn to both the litigation process in general and the investigations involved in evaluating insurance claims. Said Lauren, “I am excited for the valuable mentorship from the talented Intact legal team, as well as learning more about Intact as a company.”

She is originally from South Florida, but found her way to the Rockies and “couldn’t be happier about it!” She is currently attending University of Colorado Law School. “Intact’s dedication to always doing the right thing drew me to the company,” she says. “Not only are employees incredibly qualified, but they are passionate about serving clients and meeting its core values”, she adds.

The last book she read was The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood and is currently watching the T.V series by the same name.

Best of luck Conor, Jeremiah and Lauren! We look forward to working with you and being a part of your career development.


(L-R) Jeremiah Carter, Conor Anderson and Lauren Rosenthal