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Congratulations to this year’s winners of the Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation’s 2023 International Step Up Challenge, including Robin Smith – Intact Claims, who placed second in the individual competition and Highland’s Catch Me If You Can team who placed first in the team competition. Through the IICF, they were awarded a donation to the charity of their choice; Robin chose one of two local animal rescue groups where she is the President and the Highland team chose the Naperville Area Humane Society. A special shout-out to the Intact individuals and teams that finished in the top one hundred as noted below.

With almost 3,000 participants, including 308 (20% of) Intact employees, completing more than 580 million steps (that is 8+ times around the globe!), the Challenge was another immense success. Proceeds from this year’s Challenge help benefit the IICF Children’s Relief Fund in the U.S. that has already provided more than 2.6 million meals to children and their families struggling with food insecurity.

Thank you to all the participants and supporters! Click here to view our rosters.

Top Individuals:

  • Robin Smith (2nd)
  • Allison Hartkopp (5th)
  • Deborah Flanagan (8th)
  • Elizabeth Marazzo (18th)
  • Kaileigh Bowe (23rd)
  • Devante Ramos (25th)
  • Rebecca Boulos (26th)
  • Rick Girden (28th)
  • Karen Braun (32nd)
  • Carole Froehle (33rd)
  • Kristin Buhagiar (34th)
  • Nicole Guzaldo (36th)
  • Jackie Jenkins (37th)
  • Michael Maciaszek (41st)
  • Peter Burt (43rd)
  • Jenny Larsson (55th)
  • Lisa Phillips (69th)
  • Dennis Abbott (76th)
  • Bethany Mathis (93rd)
  • Amy Coryer Miller (96th)
  • Mitchell Wagner (98th)

Top Teams:

  • Highland – Intact Catch Me If You Can (1st)
  • Intact Southwest (3rd)
  • Intact AH Quads of Fury (5th)
  • Intact Third-Party Indemnifier (15th)
  • Intact AH Occupationally Active (48th)
  • Intact The Goats (59th)
  • Highland – Intact Defeeters (66th)
  • Intact AH Pavement Posse (67th)
  • Intact Maritime Maidens (84th)
  • Intact FS Walk Up Tellers (86th)
  • Intact Worst Pace Scenario (87th)
  • Intact Longhorn Golden Wolverine (98th)


Robin Smith with two of her current four rescue dogs.


A glimpse of Robin’s early morning bike rides in Zion National Park (cycling and spinning is most of her steps with dog hikes).


From left to right: Highland’s Jamie Garcia- Fons, Richard Girden, Kristin Buhagiar, Kara Epping, and Allison Hartkopp. Kneeling row: Kaileigh Bowe, Brad Bowe, and Nicole Guzaldo.

About the Charitable Trust

The Intact Charitable Trust gives back to those nonprofits that matter most to members of the Intact Insurance Specialty Solutions Community. Through its charitable giving program, the Trust supports Intact Insurance Specialty Solutions employee and producer volunteer, leadership and philanthropic efforts. The Trust additionally advances education through a matching gift program and a college scholarship program. And lastly, the Trust also supports organizations providing emergency assistance anywhere in the world in the aftermath of a natural disaster or during a state emergency.

We are pleased to share the Trust’s activity, reinforcing our community’s spirit of giving and compassion.

All organizations receiving donations from the Trust must qualify as a nonprofit under the provisions of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 § 501(c)(3).

Have questions, please contact charitabletrust@intactinsurance.com