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Springtime in Anaheim provided our local team with their first volunteer opportunity with the Orangewood Foundation, their local community engagement partner. The Foundation helps almost 2,000 youth annually prepare for independent adulthood, with day-to-day services including a meal every weekday.

This volunteer outing included preparing and serving lunch at the Orangewood Resource Center in Santa Ana for Orangewood’s youths. They served deli sandwiches, chips, fruit bowls, topped off by ice cream sundaes. Rosie Rivera who is leading the partnership shared, “Our team of volunteers voiced how heartwarming it was to witness the combination of excitement and gratefulness from the youth when we served them a fresh lunch.  In our eyes it was a simple meal to prepare; to the youth they felt cared for and loved.”

Here are some pictures from that day!

From left to right: Intact’s Beth Lopez, Jill Nakamoto, Rosie Rivera, Larry Rasmussen, Carolyn Maa and Maria Duarte.


Carolyn Maa and Maria Duarte ready for the youth to come into the kitchen to make their sandwiches according to their preferences.


Beth Lopez

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