Intact is dedicated to helping people in times of need. The Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation’s (IICF) Week of Giving is the largest ongoing volunteer initiative in the insurance industry.  By partnering with national and local nonprofit organizations, it brings together thousands of insurance professionals to give back to the communities where we live and work in meaningful ways.

This year during IICF’s Week of Giving, our San Francisco team gave a helping hand to their local non-profit, the Gateway Garden and Pavilion, by helping mulch the Firestorm Memorial Garden.  Mulching is the final step in the garden’s maintenance program before the Winter months so it can flourish next Spring.

In 2003, this organization was designed and dedicated to being an educational garden on fire safety and prevention after the 1991 Firestorm in the Oakland Hills. The structure represents a burnt-out house and contains information about fire safety measures. The adjoining fire-conscious garden has been minimally managed in the years since, so the North Hills Community Association enlists volunteers to help return the garden to a manageable space and build the fire safe community.

Thank you for supporting causes that mean a lot to those in your communities!

Back row: Mike Tokarz (Lockton), Austin Lowe (Lockton), Marie Meadows, Martin Ogden, and Jim Heitkemper. Front row: Janet Pablo, Aaron Belair, and Andrea Messing.