In Support of a Mission: Intact attends USES Neighborhood Gala

Recently, some of our employees along with members and supporters of United South End Settlements (USES) in Boston attended their 2022 Neighborhood Gala. USES is a nonprofit that works with disadvantaged youth and families by offering programs to help them achieve economic mobility.

Helping to make our communities more resilient is central to how we live our values at Intact. As part of our Community Engagement program, Intact offices have established partnerships with local nonprofits and supporting them through employee volunteerism and charitable giving. Our Boston office is working with USES to support their mission of disrupting the cycle of poverty.

The gala – which raised over $450,000 – was a perfect opportunity to honor and celebrate with the USES community. One of our core values is generosity and Intact is proud to support organizations that help people and make our communities more resilient.

To learn more about USES and their work, visit their website.

Jerrell Cox, CEO, USES, speaking to the 300+ gala attendees


(L-R) Carmen Duarte and Jennifer Coplon, co-chairs of the host committee


(L-R) Jane Crapo, Sasha Aronson, Dennis Abbott and Lisa Abbott

Meet Benjo Padilla, Underwriter Intact Inland Marine

As part of our Job of the Week series, we’re pleased to showcase employees’ stories about their career experience and why they love working at Intact. We asked Benjo Padilla, Underwriter on our Inland Marine team, the below questions about his professional journey. We hope you enjoy Benjo’s story!

  1. How long have you been with Intact/your industry?

My insurance career began in 2013 when I started off as an Inland Marine underwriter trainee at a large Property/Casualty carrier. The training program was about a year long, and when I was close to completion, I inherited a small renewal book of business. I made my way up the ranks for the years to come; always looking to grow, and ready to tackle the next task with enthusiasm and confidence. I joined Intact Insurance in August of 2018 and it has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my professional career. After chatting/interviewing with the hiring manager for over 3 hours at a restaurant instead of eating dinner like we had planned, I was convinced that this was not only a great opportunity, but it perfectly aligned with my goals and needs. I think it’s worth noting that I came into that interview knowing I would not be jumping ship anytime soon – in fact, I even advised the hiring manager that the stars would have to align before I left my previous employer because I was in a really good spot. Nonetheless, I made the transition and haven’t looked back since.

  1. What do you like most about your job? What do you love about working at Intact?

I really enjoy working with people and I get to do just that across the entire spectrum of positions from insurance agencies to risk control and claims departments. I’m happy about the work/life balance this industry provides. Here at Intact, we don’t only talk about it – WE LIVE IT. Additionally, it’s been a blessing to work for a carrier that shares the same beliefs, values, and aspirations as I do. The synergy is incredible in my division, and I’ve done nothing but praise the company to my peers these last few years. Intact not only employs Grade A talent, but the company has done a great job of obtaining/retaining incredible individuals who are a pleasure to work with daily.

  1. Talk about your experience working with your team/department. 

I work for the Inland Marine department handling the Western States of OR, WA, AK, HI, CA, NV and MT. It’s a large book and we’re only a team of 6 including our manager, but we’ve got it well taken care of. A lot of what enables us to do our job expeditiously is because the company has invested in all the right areas to ensure that we have the right tools needed to execute in the field. We focus on providing a positive customer service experience, and then we do just that, all while having fun. I have the best team and manager on the block, and they are critical to my success. Thankfully, my experience here has been nothing short of stellar, but I’m also confident that when/if times get tough, the entire Inland Marine division is tougher. We have excellent leadership and our Inland President is truly invaluable.

Tech Whitepaper Now Available: Edge Computing – An Overview

“Alexa, what’s the weather?” “Hey Siri, preheat the oven to 350 degrees.” A simple spoken command is all it takes for many people to obtain information or interact with their appliances today. Similarly, in the not-too-distant future, instead of asking for directions to a location we might simply tell our vehicles to take us there. The unprecedented scale and complexity of data that is being created by internet connected devices has outpaced network and infrastructure capabilities. Gartner estimates that by 2025, 75% of data will be processed outside the traditional, centralized cloud data center.

To offer you deeper insights on this topic, we are pleased to announce the publication of our latest whitepaper titled “Edge Computing – An Overview” authored by Information Technology Risk Control Specialist Edgar Germer.

The article provides an overview of the challenges resulting from the proliferation of a digitally interconnected society and the technology being implemented to address these challenges – specifically, the shift from a cloud-based computing to edge-based computing.

More whitepapers can be found on our website.

Intact Charitable Trust 2021 report now available

We are pleased to share our 2021 Charitable Trust Annual Report featuring the sponsored nonprofit organizations and educational institutions in support of our employees and producers. With more in-person charitable events and the soft launch of our community engagement program, we made a positive impact on our local communities last year. Read the report here.

Giving back together: Insurance industry attends IICF West’s Horizon Award Gala

The Intact Charitable Trust was pleased to sponsor the Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation’s (IICF) Horizon Award Gala, earlier this month.

Intact employees had the opportunity to attend the gala held at The Majestic Downtown in Los Angeles, and meet fellow industry colleagues in support of nonprofits that are addressing some of the most challenging needs in our communities.

The event was hosted by IICF’s Western Division to celebrate the industry’s legacy of collaboration and commitment to giving back. Eric J. Andersen, President of Aon, received this year’s award for his demonstrated work in philanthropy and leadership. Learn more at IICF’s website.

Intact’s sponsorship will be directed back to the IICF Community Grants Program – that raised more than $300,000 at the event – which supports regional charities focused on children at risk, education and human services.

Check out the below picture of Intact’s Melissa Goto, Martin Ogden, Peter Burt and Aaron Belair, with a few industry colleagues. Martin also served on the event’s planning committee.