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We are excited to share that our San Francisco office’s Community Engagement team has recently partnered with a local non-profit, White Pony Express. Together they are helping eliminate hunger and poverty to those in need and bringing people living on the margins into the mainstream.

As volunteers, our San Francisco teammates are helping power a “circle of giving” model whereby 12,000 pounds of fresh, nutrient-rich food is delivered to neighbors in need every day. During our team’s first volunteer experience, they worked in the food reserve section to ensure the food met those standards and placed it on racks for packing and distribution.

Please enjoy these photos from their experience so far!

From left to right: Marty Ogden, Janet Pablo, Marie Meadows, Vanessa Cool, and Andrea Messing.

From left to right: Andrea Messing, Vanessa Cool, Janet Pablo, Marty Ogden, and Marie Meadows.

About the Charitable Trust

The Intact Charitable Trust gives back to those nonprofits that matter most to members of the Intact Insurance Specialty Solutions Community. Through its charitable giving program, the Trust supports Intact Insurance Specialty Solutions employee and producer volunteer, leadership and philanthropic efforts. The Trust additionally advances education through a matching gift program and a college scholarship program. And lastly, the Trust also supports organizations providing emergency assistance anywhere in the world in the aftermath of a natural disaster or during a state emergency.

We are pleased to share the Trust’s activity, reinforcing our community’s spirit of giving and compassion.

All organizations receiving donations from the Trust must qualify as a nonprofit under the provisions of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 § 501(c)(3).

Have questions, please contact charitabletrust@intactinsurance.com