We are pleased to wrap up this year’s intern spotlight series! This week we introduce interns Lor See Lor, Michael Andrev and Anna Relopez.

Lor See Lor

Lor joins us as an internal audit intern. She was born in Thailand but is currently residing in St. Paul, Minnesota where she is attending the University of Minnesota Twin Cities.

She joined Intact because she was interested in the industry and the position was exactly what she was looking for. The most unique thing about Lor is that she’s left-handed and loves it! If she was shipwrecked on a deserted island, with all human needs—such as food and water—and two items of her choice, she would bring her dog and her partner.

Michael Andrev

Michael is a Quantitative Analyst Intern in our Investment Management team. He is from Minnetrista, Minnesota (west of Minneapolis), and is attending University of Minnesota.

He was attracted to Intact because he has friends who are currently interning at the company and enjoy working here. Furthermore, he feels that Intact is a well-established company that has a long history of employee satisfaction.

If he had a chance to go anywhere in the world, he would love to go to Lucerne, Switzerland because “it is a place of beauty, history, and many natural trails”. The last book he read was Meditations by Marcus Aurelius. Michael loves to learn new skills and gain knowledge of a variety of different fields. If he was shipwrecked on a deserted island, with all human needs—such as food and water—and two items of his choice, he would bring his Breitling Emergency II wristwatch so he’s able to send SOS signals throughout the planet for 24 hours in order to be rescued, and a First Aid Kit!

Anna Relopez

Anna is interning in our Finance department. She is from St. Michael, Minnesota and is attending College of St. Benedict. Through this internship, Anna is interested in developing her understanding of the financial and business industry and its impact on global business.

If she could go anywhere in the world, she would travel to Paris, France to visit the Eiffel Tower and experience French culture. The last television show she watched was The Crown on Netflix and highly recommends it!

Best of luck Lor, Michael and Anna! We look forward to working with you and being a part of your career development.

L-R: Lor See Lor, Michael Andrev and Anna Relopez


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