To help commemorate Black History Month, we will be sharing profiles featuring the founding members of our new EMBRACE employee network throughout February. Today, get to know the Executive Sponsor, Jim Bynoe, from our Claims Legal team. We invite you to learn how Black history has influenced his life and why he is building our EMBRACE network for our BIPOC community and their allies.

Why is Black History Month important to you?
Black History Month is a wonderful time for celebration, reflection, and recognition of the many contributions of Black Americans. It is a time to acknowledge historical figures, past and present, who inspire me and others to embrace our heritage, our culture, and to celebrate our achievements collectively as a people.

Tell us about someone from the Black community who influenced or inspired you, and why?
My father greatly influenced me.  He was an attorney who worked for the Federal Government as the Regional Director for the Office for Civil Rights.  I vividly recall dinner conversations about the desegregation of our public schools and the importance of desegregation to people of color.  My father’s work during that time greatly influenced me to become an attorney and helped me recognize, at an early age, the socio-economic disadvantages that exist in communities of color.

What are you hoping EMBRACE brings to our community?
I am hopeful EMBRACE will drive engagement and provide a safe space for our members to share experiences, collaborate, support, and accept one other.

Why should our BIPOC colleagues and allies consider joining EMBRACE?
Our network will provide a safe space where our employees can be their authentic selves; where they will feel accepted; where they can grow personally and professionally; and, most importantly, where they can help foster a more inclusive workplace.