At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, construction sites experienced limited operations or, in some cases, shut-downs for extended periods of time. Due to the recent supply chain material shortages across the world, there’s always a chance this may happen again. The building industry will likely see the delivery of materials to jobsites being delayed or slowed down, which could result in reduced work schedules or temporary shut-downs.
In addition to potential reduced schedules, jobsites may stock pile materials on site well before they are actually needed to prevent a delay in the project. As a result, security on jobsites should be enhanced to help prevent theft and vandalism. At a minimum, the following security measures should be considered:
  • Increase physical site protection by using watchmen during all non-working hours.
  • Install intrusion detection alarm systems with central station monitoring throughout the project to monitor unauthorized access.
  • Install central station alarm monitored cameras throughout the project.
  • Provide security fencing and lockable gated entrances.
  • Provide ample lighting during all evening hours.
  • Make certain all highly valued materials such as electrical wiring, plumbing supplies and HVAC support materials are secured in locked Conex boxes or not delivered on site until needed.
  • Notify the local police department of possible limited work schedules for increased patrols.

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