With the July 4th holiday quickly approaching, Intact Inland Marine is here to help offer tips that help prevent cargo and equipment theft, as well as damage to jobsites.

Unsecured cargo, equipment and builders risk jobsites are a prime target for thieves, or anyone with malicious intent over long weekends, particularly at night. 

Whenever cargo, equipment or a building under construction is left unattended, the potential for incurring a loss is greatly increased. For jobsites, potential damages from fire, smoke and water tend to increase during these non-operational hours.  

What can be done to help minimize the potential losses when cargo, equipment or construction sites are left unattended?  

  • Cargo – Our partners at Inland Marine Underwriters Association (IMUA) published safety measures that should be considered. Additionally, this infographic brought to you by CargoNet illustrates this year’s cargo theft trends.
  • Equipment – Check out these theft prevention tips, including tips for Maintenance, Operators, Load Securement and Transportation.
  • Builders Risks – Consider these safety tips to help minimize potential losses at unattended construction sites.

Have a happy and safe Fourth of July!