Data Privacy Day

by | Jan 28, 2020 | Cybersecurity, Safety Tips, Technology, Trends

Today is Data Privacy Day! Led by the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) in North America, Data Privacy Day is an annual international effort to promote awareness among businesses and individuals about the importance of privacy and protecting personal information.

Privacy is the ability to control access to our personal information.  Historically, the United States has not had strong online consumer protection laws, but this is beginning to change. However, individuals must remain vigilant about protecting their privacy.

Best Practices:

  • Update your privacy and security settings. The NCSA has created a helpful tool consisting of direct links to privacy settings on popular devices and online services.
  • Talk with your family and friends about ways to stay safer online.
  • Personal information is like money. Value it. Protect it.
  • Share with care. Think before posting about yourself and others online, such as on Facebook, Instagram, or other social media sites. Consider what a post reveals, who might see it, and how it could be perceived now and in the future. For example, if you post vacation pictures while you’re away, you are essentially advertising to others that you are not home.

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